Jason LahitaFounding Partner

Jason’s varied skillset includes — but is not limited to — the ability to sell fine wine, fixing US Navy warplanes as an avionics technician, sports and nautical themed metaphors, and a refined understanding of high-quality PR practices acquired over years of experience playing the game.

After working in PR at United Capital Financial Advisors and receiving his MBA from UC Irvine, he started his first PR shop, FiComm Partners, in 2012. For six years, Jason built the company alongside an awesome business partner who had joined in 2014. At the close of those years, the two found that they wanted different things for their small orange business, so Jason departed for his next chapter – starting an actual orange business. Just kidding, although if it had been an orange business, things might have gone differently. Oranges are oranges, after all.

Leaving FiComm in good hands, Jason returned to his roots of working within RIAs in 2018 when he joined Integrated Partners, a fantastic financial firm that reminded him a lot of United Capital. For two years, he ran PR inside this great organization, until one day, it was time for Jason to set forth and start anew in 2020.

And so, StreetCred PR was born, with Integrated Partners as the company’s first client. Soon new clients joined, and then more clients, and a growing team of fantastic people driving the work.

When not obsessing over StreetCred clients and his teammates’ success, Jason enjoys spending time with family and friends, golfing terribly, and skiing rather well. He loves the NY Knicks, the Yankees and the NY Football Giants. Rumor has it he still fancies those fine wines.