Financial Services meets Credibility Marketing.


Let's Go Get it

What is “it”?

Solid, thoughtful, strategic and tactical communications services, consistently delivered by seasoned, dedicated PR professionals.

PR is very personal – we treat it, and our clients as such.  We are an extension of your brand, your reputation, your credibility – clients are not numbers to us.  We pride ourselves on representing our clients as an extension of your team.  This is a relationship-building business – with you, and with the media.  And at the center of those relationships is trust. 

PR is a contact sport.  If you want to play the game, you must play it the right way.  It helps to have a player-coach on your team that understands all of the X’s and O’s and is 100% dedicated to your success and communications development. 


Founded by veteran PR practitioner Jason Lahita, StreetCred is a focused public relations company specializing in the financial services sector. Throughout his career, Lahita has secured thousands of media opportunities for clients and has earned a reputation as a hard-working, fully-engaged, loyal communications partner who gets results, and operates as an extension of his clients’ brands. 

Let's go get it.

A quick chat to gauge compatibility never hurt anyone*

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* On the chance that you or someone you know has been injured emotionally or physically by a sales call, we apologize.  Rest assured we’ll show up to the call on time and, contrary to what you might expect from those whose profession is selling words for a living, we’re really good listeners.

Financial Services meets Credibility Marketing