“Cambridge Savings Bank strives to deliver purpose-driven banking, helping our customers, community, and our employees thrive in their unique goals around financial well-being. Choosing StreetCred as a strategic partner was a deliberate choice to amplify our message, showcase our capabilities to current and future customers, and build market share. The StreetCred team is unparalleled as our trusted advisors, instilling credibility with top media outlets and demonstrating ongoing results while navigating a constantly evolving public relations and communications landscape.”

Katie Catlender, EVP, Cambridge Savings Bank

“I had my first taste of PR with Jason Lahita in 2016 when I left J.P. Morgan to go independent. When we reconnected years later by way of StreetCred, I knew Manhattan West would be getting that same level of professionalism and results – amplified even more by way of the team they’ve assembled – Lahita, Jimmy Moock, and Team have been fantastic to work with.”

Lorenzo Esparza, CEO, Manhattan West

“I really appreciate working with StreetCred’s veteran team of financial services PR pros. They get us. They understand our market, and our voice, and they skillfully amplify our message!”

Mark Forman, CMO, RetireOne

“As Nitrogen has grown, our strategy in engaging the industry press has evolved, and we needed a PR partner by our side who could be an extension of our brand with reporters. StreetCred is always there for us; we've come to view them as an integral part of our PR team. We couldn't imagine accomplishing what we do with the media without their counsel.”

Aaron Klein, CEO, Nitrogen

“When StreetCred launched, we jumped at the opportunity to be their first client. Prior to the creation of StreetCred, our organization had a very successful relationship with Jason Lahita for many years. Not long after inception, StreetCred attracted some amazingly talented PR practitioners, like Jimmy Moock, and their entire team has exceeded our every expectation.”

Paul Saganey, Founder and President, Integrated Partners

“We did not take the decision to retain a PR agency lightly, and had no idea what to expect – and we’re happy to report that the experience has been both energizing and impactful as we aim to spread the Onyx messaging far and wide to effect change in financial services. The StreetCred Team is great to work with and has proven to be a true partner.”

Dasarte Yarnway, Emlen Miles-Mattingly, Founders, Onyx Advisor Network

"We have been truly impressed by the StreetCred team and the consistent work they do for us day in and day out. Throughout our professional journeys, we have encountered and worked with many PR teams, but StreetCred’s results and dedication speak for themselves."

Doug & Liz Fritz, Founders, F2 Strategy

"Partnering with StreetCred has been a game-changer for Wealth.com. Their unparalleled industry knowledge, coupled with their infectious energy and passion, has propelled our brand forward. We immediately felt the impact in our business, and it has never let up. More than just a vendor, StreetCred is a genuine extension of our team."

Tim White, Co-Founder and Chief Partnership Officer, Wealth.com