Elena KrasnowEditorial Manager and Client Brand Evangelist

Among the first team members to join StreetCred, Elena is a dynamic member of the StreetCred PR team who plays an essential role in several key aspects of our day-to-day agency activities. As an experienced writer and editor, she utilizes her written communication abilities to help manage the production and output of high-quality editorial content for clients. With her high degree of emotional intelligence, and unwavering commitment to StreetCred’s high standard of client service, she is adept at making our clients and team feel valued, while establishing strong, lasting relationships. Elena has an innate ability to uplift “the vibe”, helping to foster the tight-knit fabric our team is known for.

While inspiring her PR teammates to remain focused on our core mission – elevating our clients’ brands and stories through strategic, high impact media campaigns – she also seeks to empower and uplift all those she encounters within the financial services space. Through her vibrant social media presence, her constant elevation of our brand, and her overall enthusiasm for each element of relationship building with clients and team members, she brings boundless energy every day to evangelizing our work.

Previously, Elena was the National Trainer for Greenpeace USA. In her role she was responsible for designing and implementing the U.S. Office’s public outreach and fundraising strategy, primarily through deploying management training to 11 teams and over 60 managers across the country. In her role she thrived as a mentor for those that she coached and took a particular interest in compassionate approaches to change management, as well as emotional intelligence skills in leadership. Now as a PR professional, her depth of knowledge in the field of relationship building and love of service is evident in the way she cares for our clients.

Elena majored in Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon. Outside of work she is a devoted bookworm – StreetCred’s resident literary aficionado — creative writer, artist, a forever lover of the outdoors, and spending time with her pet alien, aka her cat Pluto.