Allie ZendrianVice President

Allie has proven her public relations prowess during the historic, global COVID-19 pandemic, landing Northwell Health coverage on CNN, Good Morning America, Nightline, and MSNBC, to name a few. In her role as director of public relations for Northwell Health’s Eastern region, she literally gave blood and nasal fluids in the name of getting the job done because that is the kind of professional she is. Whatever needs to be done to accomplish the goal, no matter how big or small, she will do it.

Prior to becoming a healthcare public relations practitioner, Allie was a reporter primarily in the area of finance at Forbes, TheStreet and Institutional Investor’s Wall Street Letter. It was an article about the business practices of haunted houses during her master’s program at New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute that set her career on the strategic direction of business reporting.

As a former reporter, Allie brings her understanding of what makes a good story to her practice of public relations. She explores every angle that she can conceive of to get her clients into the news.

A lifelong Long Islander, Allie loves spending whatever spare time she has with her husband, two beautiful, young children and their Goldendoodle named Prince. It would not at all be a stretch to say that she is obsessed with Disney. She is a frequent participant in half marathons, albeit at a slow pace, and loves college basketball; she pays particular attention if her alma mater, Saint Joseph’s University, is playing. “The Hawk will never die.