A PR program probably feels like a “nice to have” or perhaps too fraught with risk. Neither assumption is completely wrong, nor completely accurate. PR is the marketing equivalent of sports – and the game must be played the right way.



If you prepare properly, follow a process, leave it all out on the field and strive to improve every time out, you will tally wins with increasing frequency.  Those wins are media placements that augment your marketing and sales efforts.  Accumulate enough wins overtime, and you’ll notice a correlation to the growth of your business. 

If you’ve never intentionally sought out PR, but feel your voice has a place in the financial media, and are ready to explore the possibilities… let’s go get it.

If your current PR representation feels uninspired, disinterested or is failing to deliver obvious value…call us.

If your key messaging, website or advertising copy needs a refresh, and you could use a plan to get more eyes on what makes you special… We’ve got your back.


Our approach to PR is to sync with our clients completely to the point of operating like a member of the team. We know this approach isn’t common as most agencies are strong at sales, and ultimately, are mediocre at building trusted relationships and delivering consistent service. Above all we treat our clients how we want to be treated.

We apply a process to everything we do – from press releases, to placing byline articles, to media tours, conference media management – we know firsthand that PR left to its own whims quickly devolves into chaos, and we therefore feed it a steady diet of order. 

Let's go get it.

A quick chat to gauge compatibility never hurt anyone*

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* On the chance that you or someone you know has been injured emotionally or physically by a sales call, we apologize.  Rest assured we’ll show up to the call on time and, contrary to what you might expect from those whose profession is selling words for a living, we’re really good listeners.

Financial Services meets Credibility Marketing